Are you ready to take your running process to a joyful and fulfilling level? I am here to help you.

Run in Process Coaching 

by Carole Fuchs




100 miler

Coach Carole

From representing Thailand as a professional triathlete to running as an elite trail-runner, I have been pushing my limits running all types of distances for nearly 20 years.

I started to build up my endurance base as a mountaineer in the French Alps before moving to Thailand where I started to train for and run 10k races and half-marathons competing against the leading national athletes. Constantly building up my knowledge and experience training at a high level with the best running coaches, I adopted the full marathon as my favourite running distance. After a few years of full time dedication I could race competitively at international marathons.  

The next step was suggested by my coach: triathlon. After a few years training at a new level for disciplines I practiced since high school, swimming and cycling, I embraced the opportunity to start a career as a professional triathlete. Training for triathlon picked my interest as I could understand endurance training even more: the same base applies broadly to all the sports I have practiced. Exploring training methodologies became a passion. The more I participated in endurance sports, the more curious I became about training methodology, physiology and mindset behind training. 

Here comes running trails! As I continued to learn about myself studying training strategies, my focus shifted to trail running. The fitness level gained from years of triathlon training and racing allowed me to reach a decent high level in trail and ultra running and I ended up racing as a professional. In love with this new running process and the trail-running community, I decided to retire from triathlon.  

When I am not out running, I find myself seeking challenging mountain goals at high-altitude. In 2018, I summited Mt. Everest and since then built the project to climb the world’s 5 highest mountains.

Now I have been running for so many years (2/3 of my life), I am coaching athletes working on the specific needs each of us can develop to find the delicate balance between body and mind and find joy and acceptance in the running process.

Our Team

Women In Sport.

Thinking about the AMAZINGNESS OF BEING A FEMALE ATHLETE and the perfection of the female body for endurance sports, there is such an incredible potential for us to raise goals, dream big and elevate ourselves in all dimension of life through sports.

WOMEN IN SPORT is a theme I am dedicated to promote with the goal to inspire girls to use sports, running and mountain climbing as a source of power to tackle daily challenges.

Our Team

Carole won her first 100km ultra-trail running race The North Face 100 Asia Pacific setting the course record she still holds. 

After racing the world’s most iconic races as a professional trail-runner she is now committed to share her knowledge about running training, racing and nutrition gained through years spent as an elite runner under the direction of the best coaches in the field.