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Marathon: 2:51
Ultra-Trail: 10:15
Mountain: 8848m

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Let your mind run. Cultivating mental & emotional strength will power your training


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Highly specialised training plans taking you from where you are to your dream goals. Strength, conditioning and running form

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let your mind run

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About me

From representing Thailand as a professional triathlete to running as an elite trail-runner, I have been pushing my limits running all types of distances for over 20 years. I started to build up my endurance base as a mountaineer in the French Alps before moving to Thailand where I started to train for and run 10k races and half-marathons competing against the leading national athletes. Constantly building up my 

knowledge and experience training at a high level with the best running coaches, I adopted the full marathon as my favourite running distance. After a few years of full time dedication I could race competitively at international marathons.

I am now fully focused on trail running and mountaineering climbing 8000m peaks while sharing my passion with runners and mountain lovers from all over the world. 

Embrace the process

use long-terms goals to motivate the daily process

Carole Fuchs