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Welcome to Run in Process Coaching Club

A unique coaching method to help you reach your goals through training, nutrition, mindset and the 1% extra. An approach focused on the running process to run happy!

Run Happy

Are you ready to take your running process to a joyful and fulfilling level? 

As an elite ultra-runner and former professional triathlete, I have learned and developed various training methodologies in a unique combination addressing not only the physical body but also focusing on the mind and spirit. Two areas too often neglected but if we think, it is perhaps the most important aspects to drive our goals in both sports and life simultaneously.  


We are not all full-time athletes and have to shape our goals around our life, work and family.  To help you achieve your goals, the training plans are personalised, interactive and updated as much as necessary to fit your needs. 

We will work as a team and design the best training plan to match your goals, lifestyle and have great fun along the process. 

Women Performance: train like A girl!

My mission as a female coach coaching female runners: growing a world of healthy girls enjoying sport in line with their bodies and build positivity around being a woman in sport. 

Are you interested to use your physiology to your advantage? Understand how the female body reacts to training and racing? Train with your natural cycle to avoid discomfort and useless pain?

I truly found my voice as a female coach now running for over 20 years of my life (including 6 years racing as a professional triathlete and now 5 years as a professional runner). I have always been obsessed with female’s performance and I think it is time to clearly open the dialogue about the specific issues we need to tackle to feel good in our training process, racing potential and more importantly daily life balance. Training according to our cycle, addressing the adequate nutrition to optimise our performance and live in harmony with our bodies needs a different approach than mens who are not affected by hormonal changes.

I can say that there is a timing for female athletes to push themselves and playing with our menstrual cycle while adding a few small changes in our nutrition can definitely result in a better health, happier training and enhance our performances. We may well gain those 2% increase in performance during our race day here rather than extra-training. 

Let’s open a dialogue and dig together into women’s physiology to optimise health and performance and elevate women in all dimensions of life through sports. 

Unconditional Support

Running in Process coaching method treats every athletes as elite whatever background, age, pace, goals, we will work on the same dimensions but of course at different intensity, training body & mind and working on the adequate way to fuel workouts and races.

I am checking the training logs daily and provide feedback.


Placing mental training at the base of physical training will help you to fully enjoy the process while giving the best of yourself.  The goal is to approach all runs from training to race day with a relaxed confidence. 

The training method is based on a long-term approach focused on improving running economy in order to make running feel easier over time.  

Happiness and Health

Power yourself with training. This training will allow you to give the best out of training and daily life and help to create a mindset that will serve you in all areas of your life.

Loving the training process is at center of this training approach. 


$125 per month including personal coaching and unlimited access. I do not believe in restricted coaching access as communication is the key to reach our goals. 

E-mail me at for the details and if you cannot pay the full price due to income let me know in your e-mail, you may be eligible for a sponsorship programme by one of our partners. 

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit”



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