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Meet the Sustainabili-Tee

A unique solution mixing recycled ocean-bound PET bottles and bamboo fabric. Feel extra-good in your sportswear and lower your impact on the planet.

The Sustainabili-Tee designed by a professional runner and climate ambassador to re-think sustainability in sports officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on 16th of September 2021 on Kickstarter with the goal to bring a unique solution to help people feel extra good in their sportswear and lower their impact on  the planet.

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Designed by a professional runner

Finding answers to the issue of suffocating sports t-shirts feeling like plastic and breaking the sustainability vicious circle were the driving force of this project. Famous sports brands are using textiles made from recycled PET bottles. While it is giving the bottle a new life out of our oceans, this apparel ends up having the same bad effect on our environment as any other petroleum-plastic textile: every time we do laundry it releases micro-plastic in the waterways. We are all part of this pollution. The idea to mix recycled PET and bamboo is directly addressing this issue to raise new thoughts among key players in the recycling industry. The addition of bamboo to the Sustainabili-Tee fabric makes it extra-technical at a lower cost for the environment. Imagine wearing a shirt that feels as if you’re wearing nothing. It is breathable, anti-odour, anti-UV, extra light, resistant and dries very quickly.

“There had to be a better way to design recycled sportswear to solve technicality and water pollution problems.” 

Carole Fuchs

Carole Fuchs

The Sustainabili-Tee is created and designed by Carole Fuchs, a French professional ultra-runner, mountaineer and legal counsel now based in Tokyo.

Carole was inspired to take climate action on the slopes of Mt Everest in 2018 (North face, Tibet) when she realised the conditions of the highest glacier in the world.

The brand aims to promote sustainability in sports and design innovative eco-sportswear thinking sustainability from different angles. 

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Sustainabili-Tee Message

Promote Sustainability in Sport

How to beat the sport industry’s greenwashing? 
The sport apparel industry has a huge role to play in the climate problem and this does not serve sport and nature lovers. Let’s bring real mastermind thoughts to the table with scientific experts to study how can we change the sport apparel industry to make sure the pollution and plastic it creates to serve us stay to a minimum and check how athletes and outdoor lovers can do to help speed up the process.  
This is part of our mission and action plan to take daily steps to reduce our carbon emissions, promote a fair and supportive product manufacturing chain, tracability and gender equality.   
Join the movement and play with us to promote the practice and the spirit of sustainable sports.

It is not about being perfect but initiating the process for change and improving on the way!

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Tired of stinky sportswear feeling like plastic?

Ready for the sportswear recycling revolution?


The New Eco-Innovative Sports T-shirt to Launch with a Worldwide Kickstarter Campaign

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I really need your support to start this project ! Join the movement and let's do good for the planet. Carole

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